Shelter Dogs

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A black German Shepherd with one ear raised and smiling at the camera


Status: Available for Adoption

Miko has a ton of energy. He needs an active owner who will take him on runs, walks, or hikes.

Two shepherd dogs who look like twins (note: they are brother and sister

Emma and Emmett

Status: Foster Home

These twins are currently with East TN Border Collie Rescue. Want to give them a permanent home...?

A big, beautiful, black and brown Rottweiler smiling next to a house


Status: Available for Adoption

Cash is the largest dog I've ever walked. Despite his size, he's easy to handle. Someone leash trained him!

Meet Daniel

Daniel Wallen is 100% obsessed with dogs. He loves them so much that he's taken more than fifty shelter dogs on a walk within the last year. After sharing their photos on social media, approximately 80% of them got placed in a home. His hometown newspaper recently published a front-page story about his efforts. Click here to read the article at Kingsport Times-News Online.

Lambda School invited Daniel to join their Web 22 cohort, which started in June. This intensive nine month program will prepare him for a new career in web design and development. In case you didn't guess, concepts he's learned about were applied to this shelter dog website. Enjoy! Also, you're welcome to learn more about Daniel and/or connect with him via the links below:

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Daniel Wallen sitting on a park bench with a smiling black chiuaha